Are You Ready for Hi-Definition?
There are three things you need.
  1. A Hi-Def TV
  2. A Hi-Def receiver
  3. Hi Def Programming

A Hi-Def TV... This is usually the driver for making the jump to HD. We see flat panel TV's on display and fall in love. But... beware, the TV's on display at the big-box stores are being fed with only Hi-Def content, that has been tweeked to make these appear as good as possible. We often get calls from folks who get these great deals home, only to discover that they weren't told all of the details! We can sell most of the major brands, but we usually recommend our favorite brands: Sharp, Panasonic, and Pioneer.

A Hi-Def receiver... This can be from Cable, Satellite, or from an Off-Air antenna. We mostly recommend Dish Network for the best price and programming available. Click on the Dish Logo on the left for the new customer promotions. If you already have Dish, upgrades are available. Usually the cost of the new HD or HD-DVR receiver will be $50 plus the cost of installation. Whether you have Dish or DirecTV 2 dishes are usually required for the HD programming.

Hi-Def Programming...Whether your provider is Cable, Dish Network or DirecTV you will need to subscribe to their HD content. With Dish add over 25 channels of HD content for $20/month. HD Channels include Discovery, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, Food Network, HGTV, NFL Network, National Geographic, Universal HD, and many others. HBO, Showtime, and Starz offer HD Movie Channels and HD pay per view is available from Dish Network.
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